RCC Consultants Mumbai

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March 5, 2021
Structural Consultants India
March 5, 2021

RCC Consultants Mumbai

Most of the construction in India, be it buildings, industries or bridges is done with concrete. However since concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension, it is reinforced with steel reinforcing bars which have high tensile strength. This combination of concrete with steel reinforcement results in what is called a reinforced cement concrete (RCC) structure.

An RCC structure when designed correctly is capable of withstanding all types of gravity, wind and earthquake loads. Safety of the structure is the most important aspect for any new construction and this is where an RCC consultant plays the most important role.

To ensure that the buildings are safe, RCC consultants are employed by developers and contractors. RCC consultants design the structural system for the buildings and work along with the architect and the contractor to ensure structures are safe and construction is executed in the correct manner. The responsibility of the safety and stability of the building lies with the RCC consultant.

Many RCC buildings as tall as 60 to 70 stories are being constructed in India currently. Many of these structures have already been completed.

Lot of expertise and modern software tools are required to design safe and efficient structures. Hence selecting a technically sound and reputed structural consulting firm is of utmost importance; after all they are designing the backbone of your building!

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