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March 2, 2021
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March 5, 2021

Pile Testing Agency

Pile testing is an important part of all projects where pile foundations are used. Since the condition of piles is not visible after construction, it becomes even more essential that pile tests are carried out on all projects.

In general there are three types of pile tests:
Compression Test (static and dynamic)
Pull out tests
Lateral load tests

Any good pile testing agency can carry out all these tests. It is up to the structural consultant to decide which test or tests are required for a particular project.

Compression tests on piles are usually required for such structures where the weight of the structure and the imposed load is high.

Pull out tests are more relevant in low weight structures with considerable wind loads where the tendency of the pile foundation is to be pulled out of the soil.
Lateral load tests are useful in all structures where wind or seismic forces are applicable since these forces lead to horizontal forces in the pile.

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