Telecom Tower Design

Telecom tower design IndiaOur engineering team has much experience of different type of Telecom Tower Design India. We have worked with companies like Reliance Industries and Viom Networks in India. At the same time we have also worked with tower infrastructure companies in US such as Wireless Enterprises and Armor Tower. Being a full service structural engineering firm, we are also ideally placed to conduct structural audit of existing sites, non-destructive testing and building stability check for roof top sites. We provide Telecom Tower Design India structure and component.

The telecom sector in India has seen enormous growth in the last two decades. Given the emergence of new technologies every few years coupled with spread of mobile services to the remotest of rural areas, the sector is bound to grow further.

As a large number of telecom towers are required to be erected both in rural and urban areas, a lot of emphasis is laid on economical design. Lattice towers are best suited for this purpose as they not only offer great economy but also allow easy retrofitting of the structure if the number of antennas is increased.

Steel monopoles however are better aesthetically and also have a smaller base footprint. Hence they are particularly useful in urban city centers where space is usually a big constraint.

The Telecom Tower Design India team at Capstone has worked on designing and optimization of telecom towers for multiple clients in India and abroad. The team is also experienced with site assessment and retrofitting design for existing towers.

In the world, India is very quickly growing economies. From last 10 years, there is a huge growth in the telecommunication sector in India. In these years we found a large increase in people who use Mobile phones & Landline. Due to extreme competition, So many MNC (Multi National Company) gives low call tariffs to the users. Due to this, so many companies are choosing Telecommunication Tower Design in India.

This MNC gives a proficient solution as per client requirement. They supply basic design for telecommunication supplies and towers like D.G, shelter, O.D and other techniques. They also provide for latest software like STAAD Pro which helps in the tower for calculation as well as foundation design to relieve doubt in structural durability. STAAD or STAAD Pro is a structural analysis and designed by computer program developer for the formation of tower foundations. There are many Telecom Tower Design in India that provides the best designs for tower foundations. There is a technical member who was being the part of construction & designs of the tower foundations. These companies to provide design drawings which are easy in understanding by the construction team thus, allow happening a proper construction. Hence, companies looking for proficient resolutions to their problems which can take the help of Telecommunication Tower Designers to build the best and the most effective telecommunication tower.

• Analysis & Telecom Tower Design Services
» Lattice Towers
» Monopoles
» Narrow Base Towers
» Guyed Monopole & Lattice Towers
» Isolated Foundations
» Pile Foundations
» Steel Grillage Foundations
» Design Review of Towers & Foundations

• Tower Load Validation Activity (for Existing Towers)
» On-site measurements for Towers & Foundations
» Preparation of As-Built Drawings
» Structural Audit including Non-Destructive Testing
» Analysis & Design Check
» Tower Strengthening Solutions
» Foundation Strengthening Solutions
» Stability Certificate for Towers

• Roof Top Towers
» Recommend tower location based on structural layout of Building
» Stability Check for Buildings
» Non-Destructive Testing for Building
» Suggest Building Strengthening Solutions
» Provide Stability Certificate for Tower & Building