Structural Audit and Retrofitting Design

Structural Audit is an engineering assessment of existing buildings to monitor their structural health.

Audits are carried out for various reasons

• Visual Deterioration such as Cracks, Dampness, Corrosion, Sagging etc can be seen

• Assessment for Seismic Preparedness
»  Old structures not designed for earthquake forces
»  Loss in Seismic Capacity due to deterioration

• Assessment due to increase in loading
»  Addition of floors in a building
»  Addition of rooftop telecom towers/water tanks
»  Increase in crane capacity for industrial plants
»  Addition of manufacturing lines in industrial plants

• Assessment due to change in use (for example from residential to commercial or industrial)

• Assessment due to change in owner
»  Purchase of an existing industrial / commercial building by a company

• Periodic Health Monitoring

General Structural Audit General Structural Audit
  • Visual Assessment
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Identify members where repairs / retrofitting is required
  • Decide repair/retrofitting methodologies
  • Prepare Bill of Quantities & Budgetary Cost Estimates

Detailed Structural Assessment Detailed Structural Assessment
  • As-Built Drawing Preparation
  • Structural Drawing Preparation using Rebar Mapping
  • Visual Assessment
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • 3D modeling & software analysis of structure
  • Check strength of each structural member (beams, columns, slabs etc)
  • Identify members where retrofitting is required
  • Design Retrofitting Solutions
  • Prepare Bill of Quantities & Budgetary Cost Estimates

Project Management for Repair Projects Project Management for Repair Projects
  • Preparing Bid Documents including Technical Specifications
  • Invite bids from reputed repair contractors
  • Negotiations with Contractors
  • Quality Control at Site
  • Safety Management
  • Keeping Costs within control
  • Checking and Approving Contractor’s Running Bills
  • Prepare snag list for rectification by contractor
  • Reconcile and approve final bills of contractor
  • Obtain all warranty certificates and hand over to client