Structural Audit and Retrofitting Design

Structural Audit is an engineering assessment of existing buildings to monitor their structural health. We provide Structural Audit in Mumbai.

Structural Audit Mumbai

The design life of any residential or industrial structure is 50 years. However due to adverse environmental conditions and insufficient maintenance, many buildings start showing signs of disintegration much before its design life is nearing completion.

Structural Audit consists of Visual Assessment and Non Destructive Tests. In certain cases when detailed audit is being performed, structural design of the buildings is also checked.

A Structural Audit Mumbai conducted at regular intervals helps in assessing the condition of the building and allows the residents/owners to undertake corrective repairs in time to prevent further damage. Timely repairs enhances the life of the structure.

This is a good initiative and other major cities in India should also have similar requirements to prevent failure of buildings leading to unnecessary loss of life and property.

Audits are carried out for various reasons:

• Visual Deterioration such as Cracks, Dampness, Corrosion, Sagging etc can be seen

• Assessment for Seismic Preparedness
» Old structures not designed for earthquake forces
» Loss in Seismic Capacity due to deterioration

• Assessment due to increase in loading
» Addition of floors in a building
» Addition of rooftop telecom towers/water tanks
» Increase in crane capacity for industrial plants
» Addition of manufacturing lines in industrial plants

• Assessment due to change in use (for example from residential to commercial or industrial)

• Assessment due to change in owner
» Purchase of an existing industrial / commercial building by a company

• Periodic Health Monitoring

We provide the following services for Structural Audit in Mumbai

General Structural Audit General Structural Audit

» Visual Assessment
» Non-Destructive Testing
» Identify members where repairs / retrofitting is required
» Decide repair/retrofitting methodologies
» Prepare Bill of Quantities & Budgetary Cost Estimates

Detailed Structural Assessment Detailed Structural Assessment

» As-Built Drawing Preparation
» Structural Drawing Preparation using Rebar Mapping
» Visual Assessment
» Non-Destructive Testing
» 3D modeling & software analysis of structure
» Check strength of each structural member (beams, columns, slabs etc)
» Identify members where retrofitting is required
» Design Retrofitting Solutions
» Prepare Bill of Quantities & Budgetary Cost Estimates

Project Management for Repair Projects Project Management for Repair Projects

» Preparing Bid Documents including Technical Specifications
» Invite bids from reputed repair contractors
» Negotiations with Contractors
» Quality Control at Site
» Safety Management
» Keeping Costs within control
» Checking and Approving Contractor’s Running Bills
» Prepare snag list for rectification by contractor
» Reconcile and approve final bills of contractor
» Obtain all warranty certificates and hand over to client