Solar and Wind Energy

•  Solar Energy
» Design of Solar Power Plant Structures for Solaire Direct India Ltd.
» Solar Power Plant at Neemuch, M.P.
» Solar Power Plant at Rajgarh, M.P.
» Solar Power Plant at Trichy, Tamil Nadu
» Solar Power Plant at Erode, Tamil Nadu
» Solar Power Plant, 5 MW at Hyderabad, A.P.
» Mounting structures for use at Telecom Tower sites
» Transportable Solar Structures for project in Middle East
» Single Axis Tracker Structure for Power Plant in Tamil Nadu
» Rooftop seasonal tilt solar structure – ballast type & adhesive fixing type
» Rooftop fixed tilt solar structures on Canteen Building at Chennai
» Rooftop solar structure at Kodiakanal
» Peer review & optimization for mounting structure at Hindupur, A.P.
» Peer review and technical bid evaluation for Solar plant at Jodhpur
» Peer review of solar structure for plant at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
» Design of ancillary civil structures for Solar plant at Jodhpur
» Design of ancillary civil structures for Solar plant at Patdi, Gujarat
» Design of civil structures for 5MW Solar plant at Trichy, Tamil Nadu

• Wind Energy
» Design of Guyed Wind Masts and Latticed Towers, Shah Energy Inc
» Design of Wind Turbine Towers for ABS Group, Mumbai
» Design of Wind masts for Vishakam Electrical Works, Chennai